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Ferrish Key
МаксимДата: Четверг, 2013-12-19, 22:06 | Сообщение # 1
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Ferrish Key
Сайт: http://www.ferrishkey.com/

Цитата About
René Dif – back on top of the world
Cloaked in the name Ferrish Key, the biggest Danish success ever in music is well on the way back to the top of the world charts

The mission is simple: To get the whole world dancing the night away. The mastermind behind it is a Dane. Ferrish Key is the name. The first single Dance All Night (feat. Kaya Jones) has just been released. The aim: to reclaim the title of The Prince of Pop Music that he has graciously allowed other artists to borrow for a while. It is time the title came back where it belongs.
René Dif is the man behind the name Ferrish Key. He knows the straight way to the top. As the charismatic front man and vocalist of the biggest Danish success ever in music, Aqua, he brings with him an impressive track record of more than 30 million records sold and more than 35 no. 1 positions in the world charts. His credentials speak for themselves. He belongs on top. He likes it up there. And he wants that no. 1 spot back.
Ferrish Key - Dance All Night (feat. Kaya Jones) is the first step. The worldwide acclaimed vocalist goes back to basics. Back to his roots as a DJ and producer – the skills that paved the way for René Dif’s success in music. The role of lead vocalist is held by another charismatic figure in music: Kaya Jones, former lead vocalist of worldwide chartbusters The Pussycat Dolls.
The result is everything you could ever want from two such highly acclaimed pop music phenomenons – and more. Ferrish Key - Dance All Night (feat. Kaya Jones) is an up-tempo electro house banger. Spiced up with René Dif’s well-known happiness factor, catchy vocals and a chorus that leaves the world no other choice but to take to the dance floor and dance the night away as if life itself depended on it.
Ferrish Key - Dance All Night (feat. Kaya Jones) is available on all leading music platforms, streaming services and music stores, and the course is set: The aim is the top of the world charts just like in the old days with Aqua. René Dif is back to reclaim his kingdom.

Ferrish Key & Kaya Jones

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Форум » Aqua - группа Аква » Видео » Ferrish Key (псевдоним Rene Dif)
Страница 1 из 11
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